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What's under the peel

Gain Digital Advantage

ECommerce Marketing Automation

It’s 2022, running an ecommerce operation is costly and requires resources with expertise in various fields. This is where our automation services come in handy. Let our robots do the work for you for a fraction of the cost

Re-Invent your brand

Strategy Consulting

While the tools are important, they don’t work alone. We need to apply a common commercial sense and use the tools at hand to implement. 

Harmony in the jungle is the most important aspect and what keeps it all together.

Stand out where it matters !

Visibility services

In the jungle, all bananas are the same !
That’s where we come in handy. Stand out from the crowd and be VISIBLE to you ideal customers.
We will optimize, reach, and convert your perfect target audience

Communicate like a Pro

Email Marketing

The most successful communication tool is emails. Everyone checks their email at least once a day, and it’s imperative that your emails reach the correct audience and become your top conversion channel. We help you up your game in email Marketing

Power within your hands

Web Development

Creating a website is easy. Managing and optimizing your online tools is hard and time consuming, not to say costly. We will create, manage, optimize and keep your website in check. Our wizard Ape is ready to serve you.

Uplift your presence

Branding Services

Transform your business into a brand with the right Branding tools. That first impression is everything. Let us help you elevate your brand and offer a consistent and professional image to your customers

Be unique

Content Creation

Social Media is a wide and vast jungle. You will not be visible if you’re not posting and communicating with your audience regularly. Content creation takes time and expertise. Good thing our Apes can do it when they’re not peeling bananas !

Get it all in one

Partner Services

Access our vast network of partners and benefit from services offered for your ecommerce operation such as logisitcs, procurement and sourcing, last mile, export, content creation and social media management